Gen-16 AE Cymbals™ Access Tool Version 3

Welcome to the Gen-16 Access Tool!

You can use this program to upgrade your Cymbal Processor's firmware and check its firmware version information. You can also use it to import presets from your DCP, create and edit your own presets, save and load them to and from disk, and export them to your DCP.

Note: This documentation covers only use of the Access Tool program; for full details of the Gen-16 Digital Cymbal Processor (DCP) operation, please see the AE Cymbals Advanced User Guide.

Note: Many of the features of version 3 of the Access Tool require DCP firmware version 2.0 or higher. Please be sure to upgrade your DCP's firmware if necessary.


Firmware Upgrades

If your Cymbal Processor is connected to your computer via USB and turned on, and your computer has an internet connection, when the Access Tool is first launched you will be automatically notified of available updates which can be downloaded automatically for upgrading. You can turn this automatic update-checking feature on and off in the Preferences window.

You can manually check for updates at any time by selecting "Check for updates" from the Help menu. You can check your Cymbal Processor's firmware and hardware version numbers by selecting "Info" from the DCP menu. Firmware and hardware version information is also shown in Firmware Upgrade windows.

Creating New Presets

You can create your own cymbal and reverb presets "from scratch". These can be saved to disk and exported to your DCP. You can also create Preset Sets, which are complete sets of cymbal, reverb, and kit presets that can be exported to your DCP in one operation.

Importing Presets

You can import the presets from your DCP into the program, either individually or as a complete set. You might want to import the factory presets, for example, as a starting point for your own customization.

Editing Presets

The DCP Access Tool provides complete editing capability for virtually every DSP parameter in the DCP. You can experiment and tweak to your heart's content in search of new cymbal sounds, save as many new and different ones to disk as you like, share them with friends, and should you ever wish to do so, you can return to the factory set at any time by simply exporting it back to your DCP.

Exporting Presets

Presets can be exported from the Access Tool to your DCP either individually or as a complete set. When exporting individually, a preset will overwrite just the existing preset at the targeted export location. When exporting a complete set of presets, all presets are overwritten. By exporting a complete set of presets, the total number, order, and arrangment of stored presets can be changed, to a maximum of 99 presets per channel. Storing prepared sets of presets and exporting them to your DCP when needed is a great way to be instantly ready for different kinds of gigs or sessions.

Kit Presets

The Access Tool provides a graphic interface for creating and editing kit presets - combinations of cymbal presets stored in the DCP's memory that can be called up during performance via the DCP's keypad, changing the presets on all five cymbal channels at once.

DCP Remote Control

All functions of a connected DCP can be controlled via mouse and/or keyboard from the Access Tool, greatly facilitating creation, auditioning, and A-B'ing of presets. Changes to DSP tone shaping parameters can be heard live in real time, stored presets can be auditioned instantly, channels can be soloed, etc.

Built-In Help

The DCP Access Tool has two forms of built-in help: this guide, and "Tool Tips" which appear automatically over many of the program's controls when the mouse cursor is above them. Tool Tips can be turned on or off via the "Show Tooltips" menu item checkbox in the Help Menu.

System Requirements

Please read this important note about presets compatibility for various versions of DCP firmware and the Access Tool application.

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